Reshma Saujani Forms Campaign Committee

Reshma Saujani (Photo: Facebook)

Reshma Saujani, a former aide to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, has formally registered a campaign committee that would allow her to campaign for Mr. de Blasio’s own position in 2013. Mr. de Blasio is expected to run for mayor, leaving the citywide position vacant for aspiring politicians.

Although the committee doesn’t specify exactly what office she is seeking, it’s been widely reported she’s most interested in the Public Advocate’s Office.

Registering a campaign allows a prospective candidate to raise and spend money, something Ms. Saujani has proven herself quite adept at doing in the past.

Ms. Saujani is most well known for a congressional bid against veteran Upper East Side Rep. Carolyn Maloney. In that campaign, Ms. Saujani raised over a million dollars, which still wasn’t enough to avoid defeat by a wide margin.

If Ms. Saujani does formally enter the race for Public Advocate, she will be facing off against Councilwoman Tish James and possibly State Senator Dan Squadron.

Reshma Saujani Forms Campaign Committee