Rory Lancman Declines Congressional Bid [Update]

Rory Lancman (Photo: Facebook)

After aggressively campaigning against GOP Congressman Bob Turner only to see his district emerge as one of the two eliminated by the court’s congressional map, Assemblyman Rory Lancman turned his attention to a new Asian-plurality district contained entirely in Queens, which would have set  him up against incumbent Congressman Gary Ackerman, who has a long history in the district despite living outside of it.

However, this evening his campaign announced he would forgo a Congressional run this cycle and would be seeking reelection in the State Assembly instead.

“My enthusiasm for running against Republican Bob Turner on a platform of leveling the economic playing field for working people doesn’t extend to running against fellow Democrat Gary Ackerman,” he said in a statement. “Gary Ackerman is a solid progressive … I have enjoyed a great relationship with Gary over the years, from interning in his office when I was a high school student to having his support in all of my campaigns for public office, and I’ll be supporting Gary this year in the new Sixth congressional district.”

“I have nothing but awestruck praise and tremendous gratitude for the incredible team and long list of supporters who so quickly put me in the position to win a seat in Congress had the redistricting stars aligned differently,” he continued. “There will be other opportunities to assume greater public responsibilities in the near future.”

For his part, Mr. Turner, also district-less, is pursuing higher ambitions at the moment and is running for the U.S. Senate.

Update: Possible game change? Congressman Ackerman announced his retirement. Rory Lancman Declines Congressional Bid [Update]