Roundup: Bloomberg in Vietnam; Rice Skips King Challenge; Cuomo At Bat

Michael Bloomberg visits Vietnam (Photo: Facebook)

A very useful tool via Daily Kos Elections: The breakdown of county percentages for the new Congressional Districts.

Former state Republican Party executive director Brendan Quinn helped explain the recount process.

Kathleen Rice won’t challenge Pete King.

Staten Island Democrats selected their candidates.

Now all four pro-gay marriage Republicans will face primary challengers.

The Working Families Party is already raising money for Hakeem Jeffries.

Carolyn Maloney is kicking off her campaign in the new Brooklyn parts of her district.

Clyde Williams has an interesting theory on the shape the district he’s seeking.

Governor Cuomo defended the new budgetary powers he’s seeking.

A pro-Cuomo political committee is running ads touting his budget.

Citizens Union actually disagreed with Cuomo.

Ray Kelly’s secret recipe.

Sandra Lee on Chris Christie’s weight, as well as other things.

Governor Showdown: Cuomo vs. Christie.

This exists: Exchangopoly.

Joe Crowley is still singing.

The “Believe in New York” political committee was registered today in Connecticut.

George Martinez’s federal committee’s name is: “Bum Rush The Vote George Martinez 2012.”

On the presidential race: 

Mitt Romney’s opponents are missing opportunities.

Rick Santorum solved his Google problem.

Republican turnout is doing a bit better.

President Obama is debating coming out for gay marriage.

Roundup: Bloomberg in Vietnam; Rice Skips King Challenge; Cuomo At Bat