Roundup: Choosing a Gillibrand Challenger; Replacing Ackerman; Looking to Illinois

Michael Grimm delightfully delivers some mail. (Photo: Facebook)

Gary Ackerman’s story.

Joe Crowley won’t swap seats.

Michael Grimm spent a day in the life of a postal worker.

Daily Kos Elections eviscerated Governor Cuomo over the redistricting deal.

James Sanders might challenge Shirley Huntley.

Wendy Long touted her independence.

George Maragos touted his life story.

Bob Turner: “That’s life in the Big City”

The Lew Fidler vs. David Storobin race might not be so special.

It’s a schmear campaign!

Fidler argued the Mayor should use that CityTime settlement to save after school programs.

Andrew Gounardes attacked Marty Golden over transit issues.

There’s undercover tape of a fundraiser in Key Largo that included Grimm and Hayworth.

Reshma Saujani officially departed Bill de Blasio’s office.

Jennifer Whalen filed for retiring Albany Assemblyman Bob Reilly’s seat.

George Pataki revived Maggie Brooks for Congress rumors.

Carl Paladino is working to primary pro-gay marriage Republicans.

Here’s video from Ray Kelly’s contentious Council meeting.

Jumaane Williams responded to Kelly.

Staten Island elected officials aim to shine a little light on the Port Authority.

New Jersey lawmakers meddle in the Port Authority as well.

Bill de Blasio jumped on the G-train bandwagon.

Tom Allon stuck up for the St Patrick’s Day parade’s right to exclude gay groups.

Richard Brodsky raised the alarm over European Nazis.

Game Change, in less than a minute.

On the presidential race:

The governor of Puerto Rico defended Mitt Romney over Sonia Sotomayor-related criticism.

Romney’s latest television ad took aim at Rick Santorum’s economic credentials.

Romney should win Illinois next Tuesday.

It’s the battle of Chicago vs. Illinois.

Roundup: Choosing a Gillibrand Challenger; Replacing Ackerman; Looking to Illinois