Roundup: Constant Redistricting; New Campaigns; Super Tuesday Comes

The Center for Urban Research's redistricting tool.

Daily Kos Elections has a great breakdown of who absorbs how many people from which district.

The Assembly Democrats declined to comment on the court map.

The Center for Urban Research added the latest maps to their cool redistricting tool.

Julian Schreibman will challenge Chris Gibson in his new Capitol Region district.

Paul Tonko gained a challenger as well.

Wendy Long is emerging as the Conservative Party favorite.

The Conservative Party is behind Ann Marie Buerkle, no matter what.

Capital Tonight examined the redistricting plan in the New York City suburbs.

And how it impacts Upstate.

While Capitol Confidential looked at how it impacted the Albany Region.

Nydia Velázquez’s new district is reminiscent of the original gerrymander.

Ed Towns’ new district underwent some surprising changes.

Peter Vallone isn’t happy with the redistricting changes in Astoria.

AFCSME is advertising against Governor Cuomo’s pension plan.

Councilman James Sanders’ Chief of Staff will run for his boss’ seat in 2013.

Tish James signed a fundraiser.

Mayor Bloomberg defended the restaurant rating system.

He reiterated that the NYPD informed New Jersey of its surveillance activities.

An atheist billboard is blocked in Williamsburg.

On the presidential campaign:

Nate Silver provided a guide for Super Tuesday tonight.

His blog took a deeper look at Ohio and Tennessee.

Rick Santorum is on track to win in Oklahoma.

Newt Gingrich will receive Secret Service protection.

Ron Paul finally turned his fire on Romney.

Chuck Schumer criticized the Republican candidates on their foreign policy rhetoric.

Headline: “Newt doubles down on the moon”

The 2012 presidential election campaign, in tweets.

This Super Tuesday cocktail might not be for everyone.

Roundup: Constant Redistricting; New Campaigns; Super Tuesday Comes