Roundup: Cuomo 2016; Rumble in Queens; Westchester Wrangle

Councilman Vallone and his nephew. (Photo: Facebook)

Chris Cillizza bracketed the 2016 race, Governor Cuomo is prominently featured.

New York is the 36th best state for public integrity.

Tony Avella isn’t running for Congress, and is running for reelection in the State Senate.

He’s on a collision course with Toby Ann Stavisky unless she runs in the new Asian-majority district.

Rory Lancman had some light criticism for Gary Ackerman over Israel.

Republicans and Democrats debated the new Congressional map.

Assemblyman George Latimer announced for a Westchester State Senate seat.

One of the Republican candidates welcomed him with fire.

Bob Turner said he hasn’t kept with Rush Limbaugh.

Joe Carvin is eyeing a run agaonst Nita Lowey.

Gatemouth writes on Lew Fidler, the man.

David Storobin lost some endorsements of his own.

Marty Markowitz for Congress?

A Charlie Rangel staffer used a government phone to do campaign activities.

The Darrell Issa hearing hurt and helped Ed Towns.

Mayor Bloomberg linked the violence in France to the need for NYPD surveillance.

Jerry Nadler is increasingly troubled by the NYPD’s activities.

The CSEA suspended political giving.

Shelly Silver isn’t overreacting.

Keach Hagey is leaving Politico for the Wall Street Journal.

Christine Quinn showed off her slimmed down figure.

On the presidential race:

The Drudge Report hasn’t always been subtle in the race.

Rick Santorum focuses on Seamus Romney.

Santorum has been consistent in his writings.

He doesn’t agree with Romney’s claim that he’s an economic lightweight.

Ron Paul hasn’t really been campaigning very hard recently.

Roundup: Cuomo 2016; Rumble in Queens; Westchester Wrangle