Roundup: Mayor 2013; Turner for Senate; Southern Election Night

Voters head to the polls in Alabama today. (Photo: Getty)

Christine Quinn is leading the 2013 mayoral field with a light plurality.

People are still including Marty Markowitz in their polls.

There’s little chance of a last-minute deal on congressional redistricting.

Governor Como admitted the magistrate’s lines would be better than the Legislature’s.

This would be a good redistricting caption contest.

Common Cause showed the differences between their map and the Legislature’s.

The Center for Urban Research updated their neat redistricting tool.

Cuomo is not attached to the “Tier 6” branding for pension reform.

Ed Koch is behind Kirsten Gillibrand, not Bob Turner.

Turner’s advisers are conflicted over their ties to rival candidate Joe Carvin.

John Messer is running for the new Asian-majority State Senate seat.

He’s planning to spend big money to do so.

Cheryl Ann Pahaham formally filed for Robert Jackon’s City Council seat.

Brooklyn Daily profiled the new Southern Brooklyn Democrats club.

The State Democratic Party is running ads touting the teacher evaluation deal.

Governor Couomo has divergent viewpoints on two of Mayor Bloomberg’s policies.

Diane Savino passionately defended pensions.

David Greenfield tweeted back and forth with gun advocates.

Bill de Blasio doesn’t want homeless people turned into WiFi locations.

The Senate Republicans kicked in $124,000 to David Storobin’s campaign efforts.

Andrew Gounardes criticized Marty Golden over redistricting.

Vince Morgan described the whole redistricting situation as a “clusterfuck.”

On the presidential campaign

Nate Silver sketched out scenarios in Mississippi and Alabama tonight.

His blog further analyzed MS and AL.

(Hawaii and American Samoa are also holding caucuses today, but they are less contested.)

The Drudge Report welcomed Mitt Romney’s chances.

Evangelicals will play a big role.

Rick Santorum has a music video.

Roundup: Mayor 2013; Turner for Senate; Southern Election Night