Roundup: PEF Fights Back; Long vs. Gillibrand; Super Tuesday

Nicole Malliotakis, her dog and Michael Grimm were dressed up for St. Patrick's yesterday. (Photo: Facebook)

The Public Employees Federation launched an ad campaign against budget cuts.

John Liu’s campaign spokesman gave a snarky response to Tom Allon’s call for Liu’s resignation.

Allon wasn’t impressed.

The Hill released their latest House ratings, placing Bob Turner and Michael Grimm as “tossups.”

Wendy Long focused her fire on Kirsten Gillibrand.

Here’s your top New York City lobbying firms.

Staten Island lawmakers want a say regarding Port Authority money.

Colby Hamilton made three points about redistricting.

The Century for Urban Research added the Common Cause maps to their neat tool.

Citizens Union continued to push for an alternative to the veto.

Joe Carvin’s brother Michael is involved in the state’s redistricting process.

Yossi Gestetner doesn’t want the Orthodox Jewish community to be too concentrated in Congressional districts.

Bob Turner proposed a tax credit for private school parents.

Rory Lancman likely wouldn’t run in Turner’s district in the sort of irrelevant Assembly map.

Bob Cohen launched his State Senate campaign.

Steve Cymbrowitz told the story of his stroke.

Governor Cuomo released his free fishing clinics proposal.

The Occupiers are back in Albany.

Peter Vallone is not a big fan of GCB.

On the presidential race:

Lots of polls are coming out for the key state on Super Tuesday tomorrow: Ohio.

It may be hard for Rick Santorum to snag a win in the state.

Santorum doesn’t have a lock on Oklahoma either.

Nate Silver breaks down Super Tuesday state by state.

And analyzed the polling momentum for Santorum.

How does Rush Limbaugh affect the race?

President Obama is leaving downballot Democrats to fend for themselves.

He leads six-to-one among Latinos.

Americans Elect claimed there’s a great opportunity for a third-party candidate

In similarly significant news, Romney sung a song in Tennessee.

Roundup: PEF Fights Back; Long vs. Gillibrand; Super Tuesday