Roundup: Redistricting News; Special Election Aftermath; Etch-A-Sketch

The DNC released an Etch-a-Sketch attack ad on Romney (Photo: YouTube)

The redistricting court ruled their expert should take a look at state legislative lines.

How might Governor Cuomo’s redistricting compromise affect his presidential ambitions?

Kirsten Gillibrand supports Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

Tom Allon said Adam Lisberg was trying to avoid Tier VI.

Gatemouth argued southeastern Brooklyn is GOP turf now.

A leading GOP candidate for the new Orthodox senate district would step aside for Storobin.

Lew Fidler vowed to make the Republicans keep their redistricting promises.

His victory cake.

Diane Savino said the results reflected poorly on Mike Gianaris and Parkside.

Republicans and Democrats also spun the results.

Rory Lancman was interviewed by Jacob Kornbluh.

Grace Meng was interviewed by Susan Arbetter.

Joyce Johnson gave her campaign pitch.

Sean Hanna mulled a primary challenge to pro-gay marriage Jim Alesi.

Laura Nahmias delved into continuing double-dipping in Albany.

Shelly Silver is not a man of many words.

Peter Vallone called for an end to synthetic pot.

The Senate Democrats’ budget advanced their policy/political agenda.

Dean Skelos said the budget talks are getting close.

The outer-borough taxi plan inched forward.

Benjamin Lawsky said it’s “Urgent!” that New York set up an insurance exchange.

New York and Singapore have some differences, according to Mayor Bloomberg.

On the presidential race:

Headline: “Etch-a-sketch politics: How small things become big things”

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich wielded etch-a-sketches of their own.

The Democratic National Committee piled on too.

The race is quickly becoming Mitt Romney vs. ….?

What can Santorum do now?

Here’s five charts to explain the campaign.

Roundup: Redistricting News; Special Election Aftermath; Etch-A-Sketch