Roundup: Redistricting Overload; Pension Battle; Challenging Gillibrand

Peter Vallone and Liz Crowley at the Phagwah Parade (Photo: Facebook)

Kathleen Rice vs. Pete King?

Todd Breitbart argued the new redistricting amendment would protect prison-based gerrymandering.

Citizens Union endorsed the amendment.

Common Cause disagreed, as did Mike Gianaris.

How accurate is Governor Cuomo’s “98%” claim?

Adriano Espaillat made an interesting redistricting pun off the term “cracking.”

Redistricting was a was for Michael Grimm.

New York’s new no-fault divorce law has its critics.

David Storobin has a new Russian-language television ad touting his Rudy Giuliani endorsement.

City & State dug into Gatemouth’s report of Storobin’s law firm and sex crimes.

Gatemouth argued Brooklyn’s new reform coalition lacks diversity.

Committee to Save New York and AFL-CIO look to enter the ad war over pensions.

Governor Cuomo and the Legislature could be on a collision course over the issue.

Craig Eaton wants the GOP to unite behind Bob Turner for Senate.

Wendy Long’s opposition to Sonia Sotomayor may hurt her among Latinos.

The Independence Party backed Kirsten Gillibrand.

Chuck Schumer is pushing messaging aimed at women.

The Senate GOP’s budget isn’t kind to the MTA.

Or to Governor Cuomo’s reach for more budgeting power.

Read the Senate’s budget here and the Assembly’s budget here.

There’s a renewed push for farmworkers’ rights.

Chris Quinn planned her upcoming marriage event.

Gregg Birnbaum received a promotion.

On the presidential race:

A number of states vote tomorrow: Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii, and American Samoa.

Mitt Romney said the GOP would be better off having a nominee by convention time.

Rick Santorum touted his military credentials.

Ron Paul got the most votes in the Virgin Islands, but still lost the delegate race.

A POLITICO article suggested Rasmussen is biased.

Roundup: Redistricting Overload; Pension Battle; Challenging Gillibrand