Roundup: Voting in New York; Voting in Illinois; Challenging McDonald

Mitt Romney campaigns in Illinois. (Photo: Getty)

Polls close at 9pm today in New York for the various special elections. Check back tonight for additional coverage.

City & State dove into last minute spending in the Kruger special election.

Lew Fidler’s campaign castigated “a Storobin thug” for hit-and-run incident.

Carl Kruger received a little validation on pedestrian cell phone usage.

Kathy Marchione filed for a primary challenge against pro-gay marriage Republican Roy McDonald.

Here’s a photo of the two in happier times.

McDonald will stay in the Republican Party.

Dean Skelos is fundraising for him.

Maggie Brooks discussed her Congressional campaign with Capital Tonight.

Dan Lamb declared for Congress against Richard Hanna.

Michael Grimm liked the House Republicans’ “Path to Prosperity” budget.

He’s donned many different outfits.

Gary Ackerman didn’t endorse a successor but hinted at supporting Grace Meng.

Rory Lancman said he’s at home in his new Congressional District.

Hakeem Jeffries and Mike Gianaris went on Up Close With Diana Williams.

Kirsten Gillibrand is running on her record this time.

Cuomo had nice things to say about her.

He shifted on school aid allocation.

He called his redistricting critics hypocritical.

Christine Quinn, Sandra Fluke and Chelsea Clinton are all to appear at the same forum.

New York City looks to develop green energy at a Staten Island landfill.

Occupy Fred Dicker.

Here’s video of the protest.

On the presidential race:

Even if he wins Illinois today, Mitt Romney suffers.

Nate Silver expects Rick Santorum to lose today, however.

His blog delved into Illinois’ political geography.

Santorum set expectations on delegate math.

Romney and Santorum got their Secret Service code names. Romney’s is “javelin.”

Headline: “Santorum Campaign Willfully Compares Itself to Christine O’Donnell Campaign”

Roundup: Voting in New York; Voting in Illinois; Challenging McDonald