Ruben Diaz Says The ‘Four Amigos’ Inspired Jeff Klein’s IDC

Senator Ruben Diaz (Photo:

State Senator Ruben Diaz sent out another one of his “What You Should Know” releases this morning with his version of the origin of State Senator Jeff Klein’s breakaway Independent Democratic Conference.

Mr. Diaz described the IDC as having descended from the Senate’s infamous “four amigos,” which consisted of himself, and former State Senators Carl Kruger, Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate. Mr. Diaz is the last remaining amigo after Mr. Kruger was forced to resign from the Senate after pleading guilty to corruption charges, Mr. Espada lost his re-election bid amid his own corruption case and Mr. Monserrate was expelled from the Senate after pleading guilty to slashing his girlfriend. According to Mr. Diaz, Mr. Klein and the IDC have learned from the mistakes of the “four amigos” and “perfected” their ideas.

“You should know that the idea of creating a balanced, independent, powerful, decision making four-amigo group was born in the minds of Senators Carl Kruger and Pedro Espada,” Mr. Diaz said. “Personal demands, problems and ambitions derailed what was supposed to be an innovation never seen in New York State politics. You should also know that Senator Jeff Klein took the idea and studied the amigos’ mistakes and personal problems. He then perfected Carl’s and Pedro’s ideas to the fullest.”

Mr. Klein started the IDC after he left his leadership position with the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee following the Democrats’ loss of two seats in the 2010 elections. Senator Mike Gianaris was subsequently tapped to lead the committee. Mr. Diaz said Mr. Klein was pushed out because the leadership of the Democratic Conference felt threatened by him.

“When the leadership of the Democratic Conference noticed that Jeff was becoming a threat to them, they immediately dropped him for Senator Mike Gianaris,” Mr. Diaz said. “After seeing himself humiliated and dumped for Gianaris, Jeff took his marbles and saw the opportunity of recreating the Four Amigos; But knowing that the word “Amigos” was taboo in Albany, he created the Independent Democratic Conference, or the ‘Indies.'”

In order to give the IDC fundraising muscle, Mr. Diaz claims Mr. Klein convinced Senate Republicans to gerrymander his district to include the Hunts Point Market.

“They gerrymandered a district that comes from Riverdale and White Plains, New York all the way to the other side of the Bronx, called the South Bronx. You should see the way they gerrymandered this district!” Mr. Diaz said. “Now Jeff not only has the power of being the leader of the new Four Amigos, oops, I mean the Independent Democratic Conference, while at the same time claiming to be a Democrat and voting with the Republicans, but also has the fundraising ability to work the Hunts Point Market and create a campaign war chest as big or even bigger than what Mike Gianaris may be able to raise for the DSCC.”

Mr. Diaz, who is currently facing his own fundraising scandal after one of his aides was indicted for embezzling from a charity he founded, finished his missive by saying he presented his origin story of the IDC as part of “my responsibility and my commitment to educate our communities about all the shenanigans that go on here.” His column was titled “Here Comes Jeff Klein … Mike Gianaris, Watch Out.”

Ruben Diaz Says The ‘Four Amigos’ Inspired Jeff Klein’s IDC