Sarah Palin Takes On HBO [Video]

A still from Sarah Palin's video responding to HBO's "Game Change." (Photo: YouTube)

Sarah Palin released a video through her political action committee today slamming HBO’s upcoming 2008 election movie, “Game Change.” Ms. Palin sent her clip to supporters along with a letter demanding HBO “add a disclaimer that this movie is fiction.”

“The screen writer of Game Change, Danny Strong, lapsed into a tired routine of manipulating facts and omitting key parts of Governor Palin’s story in order to push a biased agenda and drive ratings,” Ms. Palin wrote.

Ms. Palin’s video begins with a sequence showing the HBO Films logo morphing to say “HBO Fiction” and the title of the movie replaced with “Fact Change.” After the intro, there is a montage of flattering clips praising Ms. Palin’s performance in the 2008 campaign.

“Game Change” is based on a book of the same name by journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. The book presented a gossipy, behind-the-scenes look at the election with critical tidbits about all of the candidates. HBO’s film version focuses heavily on the McCain/Palin campaign. The movie was adapted by Mr. Strong and Jay Roach, who previously teamed up for HBO’s 2000 election drama “Recount.” Both men, as well as Julianne Moore who plays Ms. Palin in the film, have donated money to President Obama and other Democrats.

Watch Ms. Palin’s video below.

[youtube=] Sarah Palin Takes On HBO [Video]