Save Sue Simmons: The Internet Campaign Begins

News broke today that beloved WNBC-4 anchor Sue Simmons wouldn’t have her contract renewed after 32 years of work with the station, thereby breaking up the longest-serving local news anchor team (of Simmons and co-anchor Chuck Scarborough) in New York City. Tributes poured forth, and old memories of her were called up.

And now, the Internet Outrage campaign begins.


Save Sue, The Tumblr. Mission statement:

Rallying New Yorkers to keep beloved city icon Sue Simmons on the air. Email favorite Sue memories to


Save Sue Simmons, the (unaffiliated with Save Sue) Facebook group. Mission statement:

Sue Simmons is a NYC legend who recently failed to have her contract renewed by NBC-4. She was a pioneer in television journalism and is effortlessly cool. Please like this page if you want to see our delightfully imperfect Sue remain on the airwaves.

The Tumblr has seven notes, total. The Facebook page has 30 Fans. Granted, it’s only been a few hours, but the effort is not, as of this moment, looking good.

We will keep you updated as outraged Sue Simmons fans continue to read their local NBC affiliate the riot act. Meanwhile, The Observer humbly submits a suggestion for a Saving Sue Simmons tagline, so far yet to be utilized insofar as we can tell:

What The Fuck Are You Doing (Firing Sue Simmons, NBC)?

That’s free, world. | @weareyourfek

Save Sue Simmons: The Internet Campaign Begins