Senate Democrats Release Senate Republicans’ Map

In typical fashion, the State Legislature released their new redistricting maps for the State Senate and State Assembly in the dark of the night on Sunday in an unreadable 20,000 word textual format instead of actually providing visual map.

The Senate Democrats, however, apparently compiled the data and provided the new State Senate maps to reporters.

“Since the Senate Republicans are content on keeping the public in the dark and concealing the maps that they produced, we will do it for them,” Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy wrote. “Attached you will find the maps which show very clearly that there is virtually no change from their previous proposal.”

“These hyperpolitical maps cannot rationally be considered a better product,” he added.

At a glance, Mr. Murphy’s statement about the lack of change from the previous proposal would appear to be accurate. The Politicker team struggled to find differences between the map below and the previous proposal.

The Senate Republicans, through a spokesman’s statement, insisted they’ve “made dozens of changes to the original maps, virtually all of them based on public input … [a]s a result, this is an even better reapportionment plan,” but the most comically distorted boundaries, in New York City at least, remain.

View for yourself below:
Senate Democrats Release Senate Republicans’ Map