Senate GOP Carpet Bombs Lew Fidler

“COUNCILMAN LEW FIDLER SUCKED YOUR MONEY INTO HIS WALLET,” one direct mail piece in southeastern Brooklyn reads.

The message, placed next to an image of Democratic Councilman Lew Fidiler — altered to dress him up as a construction worker as he’s engineering a contraption to literally steal money from a wallet labeled “your wallet” — is repeating itself over and over again in advertisements sent by the Senate Republicans in their effort to sink Mr. Fidler’s campaign in a March 20th special election for the State Senate.

“Lew Fidler is supposed to be working for you in the City Council. But you wouldn’t think of it by the way he acts,” another mailer reads. “Fidler voted to raise his own pay $22,000 to over $100,000 of taxpayer money … Fidler acts like public office belongs to him. It doesn’t.”

Yet another mailer emphasizes the fact that Mr. Fidler currently holds public office, calling him a “career politician” multiple times and again accusing him of raising taxes.

The Senate Republicans are not the only ones taking a hatchet to their opponent in this race, however. The Senate Democrats are accusing Mr. Fidler’s Republican opponent, David Storobin, of supporting child molesters in their own direct mail piece.

View sections of some of the advertising below:

Senate GOP Carpet Bombs Lew Fidler