Sources: Smith denies the line to Roque’s Dem Committee candidates

Already wracked by a federal investigation, West New York Mayor Felix Roque received more misery last night when Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) Chairman Mark Smith rejected the mayor’s proffered slate of committee people, sources said.

Roque submitted a list of 58 Democratic committee people to the HCDO and Smith told him respectfully that the candidates would not appear on the ballot on the Hudson County line.

Smith explained.  

How could he give the line to Roque’s candidates after the mayor endorsed state Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R-13) over incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)?

Smith and Roque get along personally, sources say. There’s a soldier (Roque) cop (Smith) bond there. But the chairman, who’s also the mayor of Bayonne, bristled at the notion of giving Roque’s candidates slots under Menendez after the mayor publicly opposed the Democratic senator from Hudson County.

Roque was gracious about it and said he understood, a source close to the process said. All in all, it was an amicable meeting between the helmsman of a party organization Roque called corrupt on numerous occasions and a mayor Smith mercilessly tried to defeat during last year’s municipal election.

But organizational bedlam isn’t all that dogs Roque right now.

A week ago, sources told that federal agents were in West New York. The feds’ alleged confiscation of at least one computer owned by the mayor and/or his son led to speculation about an investigation into alleged computer hacking by the mayor. This week, two sources told the feds questioned them concerning possible hacking attempts made by either Roque or Roque’s allies. The mayor publicly denies any wrongdoing.

Sources: Smith denies the line to Roque’s Dem Committee candidates