State moving toward paperless voter registration

TRENTON – The paperless society inches forward.

The state is proposing to make it faster for people to register to vote by permitting use of electronic signatures that can then be transmitted electronically.

The state plans to amend the rules so that “when collecting signatures of applicants seeking to register to vote, the Motor Vehicle Commission may collect such signatures electronically and that such digitalized or electronic signatures shall constitute the original signature of a registrant for voter registration purposes.

“Moreover, the proposed amendments provide that electronic or digitalized signatures may be electronically submitted to the Division of Elections.”

The changes may not necessarily make a difference to the applicant, but it will make a difference in the bureaucracy, according to the N.J. League of Women Voters.

“You’re going to be seeing efficiency, accuracy and time-saving,” said League Executive Director Kerry Butch. “You won’t see any delay. This rule is a step in the right direction.’’

She said the rule change will allow Motor Vehicles to use a signature on a driver’s license and transmit to Elections, increasing accuracy and speeding up the process.

The state in its proposal said this change will allow Motor Vehicles to leverage technology, streamline its interactions with County Commissioners of Registration, and save money spent on mailing forms.

Butch said some other states have moved to paperless registration and achieved similar results.

  State moving toward paperless voter registration