Susan Lyne Joins Female Angels Backing Levo League, LinkedIn for Ladies, for $1 M.

Is Levo League a female version of LinkedIn, or a female version of Skull and Bones?

Levo League founders Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot, who met while working at McKinsey & Company. (Facebook)

Levo League, the professional network for women of Generation Y, sounds like it took a page from Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. “You’e a go-getter,” the site says, in stark white-on-black lettering. “Connect with women like you.” The New York startup just finished its angel round, collecting $1 million from Susan Lyne, Chairman, Gilt Groupe;  Gina Bianchini, founder and CEO of Ning; Fran Hauser, president of digital for Time Inc.’s style and entertainment and lifestyle groups, and others.

Though the round wasn’t raised only from women–Tom Cohen, PTC Advisors and Gen Y Capital Partners, joined as well–it’s an unusually high number of lady angels in one place. Women make up “maybe 5 percent, maybe worse” of the 3,100 investors on AngelList, cofounder Naval Ravikant told PEHub in a piece about the dearth of female angels yesterday.

Maybe Levo League will change that. The site is built for “Gen Y professional women” (not sure how the ageism is supposed to help) looking for career opportunities. The site has been in beta since November, when Levo introduced company pages to an invite-only community of “Gen Y women and recruiters.” Later this month, Levo will launch a “recruitment and community platform to serve as the ultimate career advancement destination for Gen Y.” The Facebook page says “By Gen Y, for Gen Y.”

More than 80 companies, including AOL and Bonobos, have signed up for an unspecified fee. Those companies will plumb Levo’s profiles of women like a one-way dating site. Given the pedigrees of its investors, we imagine it must be seeded with a decent spread of high-achieving XX chromosomes.

Levo means “to smooth, polish, or otherwise improve” in Latin and is the root of the word “elevate,” according to a press release. The site was originally called Pretty Young Professional. CLARIFICATION: A representative for Levo League wrote in to say that PYP was an “unaffiliated blog” which was started by Levo founders Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot along with Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos (now of Y Combinator’s Daily Muse). Read the story of PYP’s founding and unfounding at Forbes. Sample quote: “According to one of the founders, Pouchot is an emotional person and taking the pink off the site hurt her feelings.”

Susan Lyne Joins Female Angels Backing Levo League, LinkedIn for Ladies, for $1 M.