Tom Allon Calls on John Liu to Resign

Tom Allon (Photo: Facebook)

Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon is calling on his fellow mayoral contender, New York City Comptroller John Liu, to resign in the face of criminal allegations against his campaign fundraising apparatus.

“It saddens me to call on the Comptroller to resign, but I refuse to keep silent when the billions of dollars in pension funds that our public service employees entrust to our city are at stake,” Mr. Allon announced in a statement this morning.

“Particularly in light of the scandals that have cast shadows across the state and city comptroller’s offices in recentyears, we can’t afford to play political games with our city’s finances. The people of New York deserve to have the utmost faith in the management and oversight of their tax dollars,” he added, referencing the charges that brought down former New York Sate Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

Mr. Allon’s statement indirectly says he “praised Comptroller Liu for his role in exposing the CityTime scandal and his willingness to address pension reform,” but ultimately Mr. Liu’s various errors, including “hiring of two top employees of Jon Corzine’s now disgraced MF Global investment firm to manage the city’s $120 billion pension fund system,” were ultimately too much.

“I do not know if the charges against Comptroller Liu’s campaign associates are true, or whether the Comptroller will be implicated in the U.S. Attorney’s ongoing investigation, but the bottom line is that the Comptroller’s credibility has been so severely undermined that he can no longer do his job effectively,” he concluded.

For his part, Mr. Liu has denied and wrongdoing and, on the surface at least, seems to be plowing ahead as normal with his mayoral campaign.

Tom Allon Calls on John Liu to Resign