Walmart Makes the Rest of the Country Happy, So Why Not New York?

The mystifying powers of a seemingly endless Visa credit limit and the bargain prices of Walmart! (Image

Fordham University published their Fourth Quarter 2011 V-Positive Report, which measures the Consumer Value Index. The methodology is based off of a few psychological theories that reflect the “understanding of the motivation to consume.” In short: a thousand people are surveyed at the end of the year and answer several attributes for each of the seven domains.

The research is then used to measure and showcase the extent of which massive corporations impact our lives. The questions consider happiness, self esteem and physiological benefits to truly list the most beneficial and admired companies.

In terms of Societal V-Positive, which measures brand value across the United States, the most highly regarded companies were as follows:

  • 1. Walmart
  • 2. Facebook
  • 3. Google
  • 4. Visa
  • 5. Yahoo!
  • 6. McDonald’s
  • 7. Amazon
  • 8. Coca-Cola
  • 9. Microsoft
  • 10. Target

It’s relatively clear that Americans like a bargain with Target, Amazon, and Walmart taking three of the spots. They also like to consume calories, in the case of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Yahoo! and Microsoft might be the most questionable of them all, but Google says enough by being ahead of them. Now, Visa is kind of unexpected, but who doesn’t love spending money they don’t have at all of these other fine establishments?

We have all of these in New York except for Walmart. Then again, do we really need another night club? Walmart Makes the Rest of the Country Happy, So Why Not New York?