Washington Square Park Champion Deborah Glick Squares Off Against NYU’s Expansion Plans

Time has passed since the rally and just as there has been support on Ms. Glick’s side, NYU has its own team raring to go.

On March 13th there was a rally at City Hall held by local construction workers to try and gain the support of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer for NYU 2031. Even more support has come in the form of editorials written by Crain’s and the Daily News. The Daily News’ editorial went so far as to offer a rather direct opinion. “Too bad, in depressingly New York fashion, they’ve gotten kicked in the gut by knee-jerk anti-development opposition.” Former mayor Ed Koch, now a partner in Bryan Cave LLP., attorneys for NYU, recently affirmed his position on NYU’s side in the News as well.

“Now, Mayor Bloomberg hopes New York City will become a competitor to Silicon Valley and a center of applied sciences. He has made it one of his highest priorities. The students at NYU, he and many concerned New Yorkers hope, will become leaders in the sciences and engineering, devising the innovations that power a 21st century economy. That hope cannot be fulfilled in a vacuum. It requires, among other efforts, an expansion of NYU’s facilities, many of which are bursting at the seams,” Mr. Koch said.

Glick has stayed abreast of the situation and continues to do what she can to fight back against the mounting support NYU is gaining.

“Right now what is clear is that NYU has a full-scale public relations effort underway. They have op-eds in various newspapers and statements of support from the business community. They are creating the appearance to the larger city community that they are doing a good thing and this is important to the city. They say unless they can wildly expand their campus they won’t some how remain a major force and become less relevant, which is poppycock,” Ms. Glick said.

In the end, what the residents think is what is most important to Ms. Glick and what she will continue to fight for. After the speeches were over at the rally in February and the crowd began to dissipate, we took the opportunity of the dwindling cloud to ask one Alecia Baucom, a resident of Greenwich Village, what she thought of the university’s relationship with the surrounding community. With serious eyes and a resentful determination in her voice, Ms. Baucom somberly responded, “We want them [NYU] to turn into human beings.”

On Monday, March 26th, Leonard Lopate will be hosting a panel on NYU on his radio program on WNYC at 1:00p.m. Protestors are urged to call in.

On Tuesday, March 27th, The Municipal Arts Society is hosting a panel at 6:00p.m. at the Scholastic Auditorium at 557 Broadway

Washington Square Park Champion Deborah Glick Squares Off Against NYU’s Expansion Plans