Weekend Roundup: One Man In A Room; Cheering Kelly; Occupy Forever

U.S. President Barack Obama drank a pint yesterday. (Photo: Getty)

New York Times headline: “Gov. Cuomo Succumbs”

Governor Cuomo used a controversial practice to pass his big legislative deal.

Diane Savino: “we used to have 3 men in a room, now we just have one!”

Things are getting done behind closed doors in Albany, but at what cost?

Another editorial board said Cuomo’s secrecy is becoming “an increasingly ugly flaw.”

The Daily News applauded Ray Kelly’s “bravura performance” in front of the City Council.

The New York Post said his critics should give it a rest.

The Times said Eric Holder is right to investigate the NYPD.

The Post said Ruben Diaz Sr. is a poster boy for a corrupt political culture.

Michael Cusick has a new Republican opponent.

CityTime restitution will affect the city’s budget negotiations.

A better budget would do more for school aid.

There’s more GOP primary drama with another pro-gay marriage Upstate Republican.

ACORN’s former head isn’t happy Ed Towns is bringing Darrell Issa into town.

Gary Ackerman retirement thoughts may have begun with his poor 2010 showing.

Staten Island is growing more politically apathetic.

Guy Molinari and James Molinaro have their differences.

Chris Gibson snagged the Independence Party’s support.

The Brooklyn Republican Party is firmly behind Michael Grimm.

Walter Mosley grabbed his assembly rival Ola Alabi’s domain names.

The Occupy protest’s half-anniversary ended with a police weep.

They went high-tech.

On the presidential race:

Republicans are preparing for a floor fight on convention day.

Mitt Romney said he’s made enough money already.

The Times took a deep look into Santorum’s landslide defeat in 2006.

The Associated Press took a deeper look into Romney finding a coworker’s missing daughter.

More pictures of President Obama celebrating yesterday’s Irish festivities.

For the brave: Rick Santorum was caught shirtless.

Weekend Roundup: One Man In A Room; Cheering Kelly; Occupy Forever