Winners and Losers: Week of Feb. 27th


Michael Soliman

The state director for Sen. Bob Menendez was tapped to run the senator’s re-election bid.

Gabriela Mosquera

Though she lost the Supreme Court battle over her residency causing her November election win to be voided, Mosquera was seated anyway by county Democrats.  She’ll have to run in a special election in November, but she’s a full-fledged assemblywoman until then.

Terry Duffy

Potential candidates with better name recognition continue to come and go in the 5th District but so far, Duffy is the mainstay.  Last week Harry Carson said no, this week it was Jim McQueeny.  It’s a dubious win, however, because it means Duffy will face Republican Scott Garrett come November in a district that heavily favors the Republican.

Kip Bateman

Many thought Bateman cut and run last month when he introduced legislation to send same sex marriage to a referendum rather than voting yes as supporters once thought he might.  Bateman was provided some political cover for his move this week when a new poll showed voters favor the referendum.

Phillip Kwon and Bruce Harris

The two Supreme Court nominees will finally have their hearing.  The Senate Judciary Committee will hear the two men’s nominations on March 22.


Joe Kyrillos

A new poll shows Kyrillos has dismal name recognition in his battle with incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez. Kyrillos has been in public life for two decades yet 80 percent of respondents to a Rutgers poll said they had no opinion or were unsure about the Republican.  Menendez’s numbers were not a whole lot better as the incumbent failed to crack 50 percent in a head to head match-up. But voters favor the incumbent 2 to 1.

Gov. Chris Christie

The governor’s budget took a hit last Friday evening from Standard and Poor’s, which slapped the governor’s revenue numbers as overly optimistic.  With a tax cut showdown looming in the Legislature, the governor can ill afford negative publicity surrounding his spending plan.

Thomas J. O’Leary

The former executive director of the South Amboy Housing Authority admitted his role in a scheme to funnel illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic primary election campaign of Joseph Vas for U.S. Congress in 2006, as well as one count of evading taxes.

Newark City Council

The Star Ledger reported that council members endured a scolding from Newark Mayor Cory Booker during his state of the city address this week.  Booker lashed the council members for failing to curb their own salaries and staffs despite city layoffs that amounted to 25 percent of the workforce.

Winners and Losers: Week of Feb. 27th