Andrea Peyser Not Enamored of Girls

Andrea Peyser

It has finally happened: Andrea Peyser is a TV recapper. With bete noire Alec Baldwin overseas promoting his new Woody Allen movie and the Casey Anthony trial long since concluded, the Post‘s Ms. Peyser chilled out with some TV. And what she saw upset her.

Think: “Sex and the City’’ — for ugly people.

Yes, Ms. Peyser watched Girls, Lena Dunham’s show about Brooklyn women in arrested development, and she may have been the only member of the New York media to not have found it delightful. (It may have been that she hasn’t met Ms. Dunham, or that they didn’t attend the same college.)
Ms. Peyser finds the series objectionable on aesthetic grounds (citing “mismatched consignment-shop rags” and Ms. Dunham’s body shape) and moral ones, noting what she views as a misandrist ideology in the depiction of Ms. Dunham’s paramour and other dudes that hang with the girls. She suggests that the show should be called “Men Suck.” Get me rewrite!
“No girl from Podunk, Neb., will ever again dream of moving to this city,” Ms. Peyser concludes, which should ultimately work in the columnist’s favor–more room for her to spread out in Brooklyn!
Andrea Peyser Not Enamored of Girls