The Winklevoss Twins Now Have Their Own VC Firm

The Winklevi revealed on CNBC's "Squawk Box" that they've started a VC firm called Winklevoss Capital.

Tyler Winklevoss (

The hosts of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” could barely contain their glee over the fact that litigious twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss agreed to appear on their show this morning. “I need an autograph… for my daughter!” squee’d one of the show’s hosts. Right.

The Winklevi appeared in a segment called “The Disruptors” that highlights some of tech’s biggest heavy-hitters. Apparently the duo are now running a VC firm aptly titled Winklevoss Capital. When reached via email, Cameron Winklevoss confirmed to Betabeat that it’s the first time the two have officially announced the company.

Despite the excitement of the hosts, the segment revealed little about what companies the Winklevi are going to be investing in. The twins do seem to have the lingo down pat, though.

“We’re closing a couple deals hopefully within this month, so it’s a little premature to disclose what they are. But we focus on early-stage, disruptive startups,” said Tyler, J. Crew-handsome Twin #1.

“We’re kind of just looking at investments as they come,” said Cameron, starch-collared Twin #2. “We’re looking for companies that are early-stage where we can add both capital and operational experience and make an impact and work with entrepreneurs and build their team where we can sort of add value.”

When one of the show’s hosts asked the Winklevi to address why their firm might be overlooked given their background and negative portrayal in The Social Network, Tyler didn’t do his budding VC firm any favors: “We do have the experience. We were there at the beginning of the web 2.0.

Oh, you know all about the web 2.0? Sign us up!

Given the influx of celebrity VCs these days, it’s unsurprising to see the Winklevi jump on the bandwagon–they do have more experience than Ashton Kutcher.

The Winklevoss Twins Now Have Their Own VC Firm