Atlantic Terminal: Transportation Hub or Crime Hub?

Some things are free! (Courtesy Dumbo Books of Brooklyn) Dumbo Books of Brooklyn

Ever think “Where’s my wallet?” when walking around the Atlantic Terminal or Atlantic Center malls?

It’s probably missing. The shopping centers have become the “singular crime epicenter in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct,” The New York Times reports.

At least 26 reported crimes have happened in the center since the beginning of the year, The Times noted:

  • 14 purses and wallets stolen
  • Four reported — and countless unreported — incidents of shoplifting
  • Two victims losing $1,200 in an iPad scam
  • Two fights
  • Three muggings or attempted muggings
  • One theft of a bicycle

The brazen thieves are even going after the center’s employees. Rebecca Godfrey, a worker in the Altantic Terminal,  has been a two-time victim: three months ago someone snatched a purse containing valuables and $1,250 and last month someone grabbed her iPhone. “I saw it two seconds too late. They do it right in front of your face,” she told The Times.

The commanding officer of the precinct said that he has to constantly reminds shoppers: “Close your pocketbook, keep it close to your person, don’t leave the purse in the shopping cart.”

Apparently, the outlaw culture has developed to such heightened levels that some thieves are even dressing as Best Buy employees selling discounted iPads. Once the cash is handed over, the pseudo-employee ditches and the customer is left with an empty box.

Although, c’mon guys, consumers typically pay for things at a cash register.

Atlantic Terminal: Transportation Hub or Crime Hub?