Bill de Blasio vs. Nissan [Video]

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio continued his aggressive campaign to get Nissan to cease selling vehicles to Iran this afternoon.

Although Mr. de Blasio’s office is asking many car companies to boycott Iran, he is focused on Nissan specifically because of the company’s new taxi contract with the city. Indeed, today’s event was in front of the Jacob Javits Center where Nissan will soon be touting its “Taxi of Tomorrow” car.

“Our Mayor was celebrating with Nissan last night, and today Nissan is in Iran selling its products … through companies associated with the Iranian military and helping to prop up the Iranian regime no matter how bad its activities,” Mr. de Blasio said.

Further highlighting the issue, Mr. de Blasio pointed to pictures of Nissan’s new taxi juxtaposed with pictures of Iranian militants riding around in Nissan vehicles.

While calling on consumers to pressure Nissan, Mr. de Blasio also kept his focus on Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“There will be some people who try and sweep this under the rug. I think this will be a very telling moment for our mayor, whether he responds to this or not,” he said. “It will be a very telling moment for Nissan, whether they continue their celebrations today.”

For their part, Nissan said in a statement that they have “no direct investments in Iran,” something Mr. de Blasio found laughable at today’s conference when asked about it, again saying the car manufacturer partners with an Iranian company controlled by the government’s Revolutionary Guard.

(Nissan’s relationship with Iran is well established.)

At today’s press conference, Assemblyman Dov Hikind also spoke to the importance of the issue, saying, “This is an issue of morality. This is an issue of justice. This is an issue of human life.”

Watch Mr. Hikind and Mr. de Blasio speak below:

Bill de Blasio vs. Nissan [Video]