Blogger Outraged by ‘Silicon Valley’ Apparently Wanted a Reality Show of Her Own

Does Sarah Lacy hate Randi Zuckerberg's "Silicon Valley" because she wanted her own reality show?

Ms. Lacy (

Well, well. It appears that Silicon Valley hater Sarah Lacy may have other reasons to despise the new Bravo show, aside from it is going to destroy the very fabric upon which this holy tech society was built. The reason? According to Gawker, Ms. Lacy was shopping around for a reality show of her own.

Last week, Ms. Lacy wrote a now infamous screed against Facebook sibling Randi Zuckerberg’s newest venture, a delightfully trashy Bravo reality show featuring lines like “Being a geek is like being the new rock stars.” In her post, Ms. Lacy wondered, “How on earth can Randi Zuckerberg — who knows how one frame of film will be taken as gospel over a thousand books, blog posts, or real interviews — sleep at night?”

We gave Ms. Lacy a hard time for apparently thinking reality TV is real, but it turns out her disgust for Silicon Valley may stem from elsewhere: mainly, the fact that she, too, wanted a reality show. According to Gawker:

It was described to us as a competition that would pit tech startup against tech startup, all in front of the cameras, and all as part of a sort of roving tech-money circus that would end with a final champion round in the very serious, soulful, not-at-all-sold-out city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Verrrry interesting.

It’s worth nothing that Gawker only says they were “reliably informed” on that tidbit of information, without expanding further. We reached out to Ms. Lacy for comment but did not immediately receive a response. We’ll be sure to update if we hear anything. Blogger Outraged by ‘Silicon Valley’ Apparently Wanted a Reality Show of Her Own