Bloomberg: Cuomo’s Evaluation Position Could Lead to ‘Chaos’

(Photo: Wikimedia)

There’s a bona fide disagreement between Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg when it comes to teacher evaluations.

“He and I have had a discussion, and I think, basically, we sort of disagree,” Mr. Bloomberg said on John Gambling’s radio show this morning when asked about Mr. Cuomo’s indication that he only wants teacher evaluation data to be available to the parents, rather than the public at large.

Mr. Bloomberg proceeded to lay out a multiple point defense of providing the data to the public, suggesting that only a carefully worded law would survive a legal challenge, and even if one passed, it would simply not be “practical.”

“In a practical sense, you know on Day One, there will be a website out there where everyone will be asked to post grades, and [of] the grades that get posted, who knows who makes them up?” he rhetorically asked. “I mean, it would lead to just chaos, and it would be very bad for our teachers [with] people unfairly and erroneously or deliberately trying to hurt somebody they don’t like.”

With the internet and the press, he continued arguing, much of the information would simply be out there anyway.

“It’s just not that practical to give them to the parents in this day and age of social media and an aggressive Fourth Estate,” he posited. “You know that if you give it to the parents it’s going to be out, except it would be incomplete, and that’s not in anyone’s interest.”

Bloomberg: Cuomo’s Evaluation Position Could Lead to ‘Chaos’