Bloomberg: McCain Didn’t Ask Me to Support Romney

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A few days ago, the New York Post reported John McCain visited City Hall in an attempt to woo Mayor Michael Bloomberg into supporting Mitt Romney for president, but asked about it this morning on Gambling’s radio show, Mr. Bloomberg played down the politics of the visit.

“John McCain did not talk to me about supporting Mitt Romney,” he said, quietly laughing before transitioning to explain what he felt was the true purpose of the visit.

“John McCain … is a friend of mine for a long time and somebody that has one of the hundred votes in the Senate,” he said. “We need him [to] hopefully come support the bill we’re asking to have the federal government subsidize the World Trade Center memorial just like it does most other national memorials around the country.”

However, Mr. Bloomberg did say they briefly discussed Mr. Romney’s candidacy.

“John did say to me that he thought Romney is a great guy and would make a good president,” he continued. “You know, they’re both Republicans, you’d expect him to say that!”

From Mr. Cain’s explanation of the visit, at least, it seemed that he tried to press the case a little bit.

“I told him that I just spent last weekend with Romney and I thought that Romney was on message . . . and tried to convince the mayor that we’ve got a winning campaign,” he told the Post while leaving City Hall.

Bloomberg: McCain Didn’t Ask Me to Support Romney