BMW Guggenheim Lab Announces New Berlin Locale

A rendering of the Lab in its future home. (Courtesy the Guggenheim)

The Guggenheim announced that the BMW Guggenheim Lab, the traveling museum that visited New York’s East Village last year, will alight next in a lot in the upscale Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin.

The Lab had been scheduled to visit gallery-rich Kreuzberg, but various left-wing activists, fearing that the museum would bring gentrification and increased rents to the area, called for the project to be protested and disrupted, and the museum canceled it out of safety concerns.

The museum will reside in its new neighborhood from June 15 to July 29.

“The decision to relocate the Lab was not an easy one, but we are very pleased to have so quickly confirmed such a suitable alternative and to continue the urgent and important discussions we have begun about cities, and specifically about Berlin,” Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong said in a statement.

Many German papers have condemned the protests against the Kreuzberg location. The Berliner Zeitung provides this interesting perspective translated by Der Spiegel:

“Berlin has avoided another disgrace. Canceling because the German capital couldn’t ensure the safety of a Jewish foundation would have been far too embarrassing. The New York organizers say they still think Berlin is ‘great.’ But that can only be explained by American nonchalance, because the only thing that was ‘great’ in this debate of the last few weeks was the hysteria.”

BMW Guggenheim Lab Announces New Berlin Locale