Brave Soul Serves as Gawker’s Fox News Mole

Gawker has a mole inside Fox News. Exciting! The death drive is strong in him or her. (Feels like a him.)

The Mole hates Fox News but says he can’t get a job anywhere else because he’s blacklisted.

“I am leaving,” Mole writes. “Sooner rather than later, I’m guessing. But I can’t just leave quietly, can I? Where’s the fun in that? So I’m John McClane-ing this shit. I’m inside the building, crawling through the air vents, gathering intel, and passing it along to Carl Winslow.”

(Bruce Willis movie references, we think.)

Here’s the intel he or she passed along.

1. Mole’s number one beef w/ Fox News is the “Obama’s Hip Hop BBQ” headline.

2. Incontrovertible video proof that Mitt Romney <3 horses,* a more heinous class war crime than <3-ing golf, Mole says.

For now it’s all very tame, like he’s just doing it to irk the Draconian News Corp. brass, but perhaps more serious allegations are on the way. Gawker took the extra precaution of closing the comments section.

Considering News Corp. HR legally threatened a reporter for tweeting about his exit from the much lower profile The Daily, we hope they’re paying Mole enough money to cover his or her legal fees. Brett Favre dick pic money.

Also, the Gawker post says the mole is Gawker’s newest hire, to which we might add Neetzan Zimmerman, who was hired away from The Daily, which we used to confuse with BuzzFeed until, you know.

*Did anyone else actually find this charming? Are we total jerks for wanting to live in a world where the leaders know a lot about their spouse’s expensive hobbies and don’t know anything about Tumblr memes?

Brave Soul Serves as Gawker’s Fox News Mole