Bravo Names Its ‘Gallery Girls’

The Bravo network released a line-up of its in-development shows today along with a demo reel that features, at the top of the heap, Gallery Girls, the not-very-good-sounding reality show that follows seven girls as they strive to enter the New York art world without the slightest idea of how to go about doing that. The lineup features new details about the show, including the names of the aforementioned girls.

For a while, the show’s working title was changed to Paint the Town but the demo reel features a logo with the original title, which was consistent with what we’d previously encountered on our trips to the set.

The description, which confirms the participation of collector scion Liz Margulies, follows:

Viewers are introduced to seven young women who dream of living a chic and fashionable existence in New York City. Chantal Chadwick, Kerri Lisa, Liz Margulies, Claudia Martinez, Angela Pham, Amy Poliakoff and Maggie Schaffer all share a passion for art, but are divided amongst their Manhattan and Brooklyn lifestyles with vastly different attitudes and tastes towards fashion, art and men.

And here’s that demo reel, in which two people explicitly reference Sex and the City:

If you’re just joining us we’ve been following this show from inception to ViceCreator’s Project,” all over town, really.

Bravo Names Its ‘Gallery Girls’