The Brooklyn Nets’ New Jay-Z Designed Logo, Unveiled

Just a week after sports gossip site Deadspin tore the lid off of the new Brooklyn Nets logo, the team has officially released it.

The logo sheet, above, comes from the team’s official site. In a post by Nets blogger Ben Couch, it’s explained that rapper and Nets investor Jay-Z designed the new logo, which they apparently put some ideas into:

[The logo retains] the shield from its previous iteration, and adds that iconic Brooklyn ‘B’ to the basketball that has been part of every logo since the franchise’s 1967 inception as the Americans. The Dodgers had their lettermark, and the Nets have added another model for the borough to bear. “Brooklyn,” of course, is spelled out below.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an unveiling without a promotional press outing, of which there naturally was: At a Modell’s across the street from the Nets’ new stadium in downtown Brooklyn, a bunch of people stood in line for free tickets and to look at new shirts. One Knicks fan from Queens told the Daily News he’s not switching teams, but:

“Brooklyn is easier to get to,” he said. “I’m hoping for tickets that are more affordable as well.”

Of course somebody from Queens would mistake something in Brooklyn for the potential to be less expensive than something in Manhattan.

This is the entire illusion that has helped Brooklyn more or less conquer the universe, and it is wrong. But hey, here’s for hope and a neat new expensive basketball team with neat new shirts (replete with the inevitable “Brooklyn’s Finest” T-Shirt swag for sale). We’ll be grabbing one. | @weareyourfek

The Brooklyn Nets’ New Jay-Z Designed Logo, Unveiled