BuzzFeed Hires ‘Copyranter’ Mark Duffy

BuzzFeed has hired Copyranter writer Mark Duffy, the company announced. As of today, his Gawker-beloved blogspot blog has become an Andrew Sullivan-style one-man vertical over at Jonah Peretti’s news-meme factory.

“Same shit, different place,” Mr. Duffy wrote on Copyranter 1.0 this afternoon. “You will still find “fucks” and dirty, unfunny jokes and misanthropy and hyperbole.”

You can tell he means it from his obscene company portrait.

To entice his readers, commenters, tipsters to follow him, he’s paying $25 to the reader with the best tip each month.

“I’m “geeked”, as you fucking insufferable young’uns say,” the veteran copywriter said in his introductory post. Mr. Duffy added that he will keep his Mad Men skills active with some freelance copy writing, which he will disclose. BuzzFeed Hires ‘Copyranter’ Mark Duffy