Can’t Figure Out How To Plug Your Computer In? There’s A Concierge For That

Tech-Savvy MiMA Tower! (Courtesy of Streeteasy)

At the same time that some apartment buildings are emphasizing those weird pre-technological places called libraries, others are boosting up their tech teams to plug you in when you move in.

Related, the real estate developers behind MiMA and One MiMA Tower, has implemented a technology concierge service that will handle tasks from hanging televisions to troubleshooting a home office network, The New York Times reports.

“We’re always looking for what’s on the horizon,” Daria Salusbury, senior vice president of Related, told The Times. “What feedback are we getting from residents? It took a little while to figure out that this was a trend, and that’s when we said, ‘We understand technology is really important in everybody’s lifestyle, and we need to embrace that.'”

New residents will receive one free hour of consultation and one free hour of installation. Mrs. Salusbury further noted that large projects will be charged in a lump sum and that “most smaller jobs will be billed by the hour, at a rate to be determined, but competitive with what a chain store like Best Buy would charge.”

Related plans to expand it to their portfolio of over 5,000 units within the next month. It remains to be seen whether the concierges will be inundated with calls from the technologically challenged, but at least someone is finally tackling the daunting waits for internet services in this city.



Can’t Figure Out How To Plug Your Computer In? There’s A Concierge For That