Celebrity-Backed Video Chat Service Tinychat Hits 20 Million Users, Profitability

The service is backed by investors including Ashton Kutcher and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Tinychat's celebrity investors, Mr. Kutcher and Mr. Diddy (Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

He may not be all that great at articulating his advice about startup culture, but movie mogul and serial investor Ashton Kutcher must know something about successful startups: Tinychat, a web-based video chat service backed by celebrities like Mr. Kutcher and P. Diddy, announced today that it has surpassed 20 million users.

According to TechCrunch, “The company’s co-founder Dan Blake also tells us that the site currently sees about 400,000 daily users and signs up about 50,000 new users every day. The average user now spends a good 22 minutes on the site per session.”

Those are some pretty impressive numbers, especially for a company that was bootstrapping for two years until they raised $1.5 million last year.

Tinychat is a web-based video chat platform that works within almost any web browser, and allows users to chat with up to 11 people simultaneously. Think Gchat video calling, but with an AIM chat room spin. The company also has a wildly popular Facebook app that allows Facebook users to video chat within the app, which most likely accounts for much of Tinychat’s user base.

TechCrunch also reports that Long Island-based Tinychat has reached profitability with its freemium model; like other startups like Spotify, the service is free, but users can pay to upgrade to a pro account that offers higher quality video and no ads.

Congrats, Tinychat team. Now, who wants to join us in the Reddit forever alone chat room? Anyone?? Fine.

Celebrity-Backed Video Chat Service Tinychat Hits 20 Million Users, Profitability