Charles Barron Largely Self-Funding Campaign

Charles Barron (Photo: Facebook)

With Congressman Ed Towns’ sudden exit from his own reelection campaign last night, the primary field to replace him might very well only contain Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Councilman Charles Barron. And it’s a match where, in terms of resources, Mr. Jeffries looks likely to dominate.

Indeed, Mr. Barron appears to have only raised $41,000 in the last month, with $40,000 coming from the Councilman himself. He also has another committee, which he used in 2011 and has not filed a 2012 report for yet, where he and his wife gave close to $15,000 out of a bit more than $17,500 raised in total.

Mr. Jeffries, on the other hand, has close to $400,000 on hand for the June 26th primary, leaving him a campaign war chest over six times the size of Mr. Barron’s two committees combined.

For his part, Mr. Barron has always boasted that the dedication of his supporters is enough to blunt his opponents’ financial advantage.

“They should call me Charles ‘Broke’ Barron,” Mr. Barron said at his announcement rally. “I’m so glad that I don’t have to have money because I’ve got the most precious, precious, valuable thing on Earth, and that’s you the people. Because money doesn’t vote, people vote.”

Meanwhile, it is still feasible that a third notable candidate could leap into the race if Mr. Towns were to submit his petitions to get onto the ballot and then decline them, which would allow him to anoint a new person to campaign in his stead. However, it’s not clear if Mr. Towns has even collected a sufficient number of signatures for tonight’s midnight deadline or has any intentions of doing this sort of maneuver.

  Charles Barron Largely Self-Funding Campaign