Chartbeat Gets a New Look, Adds Features, ‘Hiring Like Crazy’ With $9.5 M. Series B

The new Chartbeat, with analytics from

Chartbeat just announced a hefty new round of funding led by Josh Stein, managing director at Draper Fisher Jurveston, and Saul Klein, a partner at Index Ventures, for $9.5 million in all. Some of the funding has already been put to use, as Chartbeat is rolling out a “complete new look,” CEO Tony Haile told Betabeat, with a new dashboard, two major new features, and a mobile app. 

“Thanks Saul, thanks Josh, we’re going to make you proud,” Mr. Haile wrote in a blog post this morning.

The new feature is “peer stats,” which show how the site is performing compared to other averaged data from other sites using Chartbeat. “We’re thinking about not just your site, but your site in the context of the wider web,” Mr. Haile told Betabeat.

Peer stats will show how a site compares to others of its type. “We anonymize and aggregate all the data, and then we slice it down to sites like yours so it would be like, tech blogs who have between a certain number of concurrents… and usually peak at 2 p.m. in the afternoon,” he said.

The new dashboard will also feature an emphasis on how much time people are spending “being engaged” on the site with a feature called “Engaged Time.” That means people who have your site open in a forgotten tab no longer count for much.  Chartbeat will also now feature what’s happening with your content outside your site more prominently, Mr. Haile said.”We’re making social a much bigger part of Chartbeat,” Mr. Haile said.

Chartbeat's "engaged time" view.

Also, Chartbeat announced a beta for its iPhone app (which may be a curse for already Chartbeat-obsessed editors). The mobile version reinforces Chartbeat’s mission: real-time data. “If something happens… you’ll be able to see it immediately and adapt,” Mr. Haile said. “It’s the same real time goodness.” Chartbeat updates about every three seconds, he said.

“Obviously we’re hugely excited about the round,” Mr. Haile said said. “We are hiring like crazy. Back end, front end, designers, people on sales and marketing… we’ve been a bit resource-constrained.” Chartbeat is also looking for a new office, he said, in the same rough area on the west side below 14th St.

Chartbeat spent more than a year looking for the right investors, he said, and settled on Mr. Stein because of his expertise. The three-year-old company has raised a total of $12.5 million. Its last round was in August 2010, and it raised the first $1 million of this Series B from existing investors in December.

The company, which charges between $9.95 to $149.95 per month depending on the size of the site, has been making millions of dollars in revenue for some time. Revenues have grown 3.5 times over in the last year, Chartbeat said. Chartbeat Gets a New Look, Adds Features, ‘Hiring Like Crazy’ With $9.5 M. Series B