Christian Marclay Is on the Time 100

Mr. Marclay and Will Farrell in Basel. (Courtesy Getty Images)

The art world receives a few shout outs in the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people, among them Alice Walton and Christian Marclay, who appears near the top with an entry by everybody’s favorite genre-hopper Geoff Dyer.

Here’s Mr. Dyer on The Clock:

I had intended to stay long enough to get the gag — 10 minutes? — before hurrying on to a lunch date. It was so hypnotic, so thrilling, that I ended up watching 20 hours over a month, arranging life and appointments (for which I was invariably late) in such a way as to catch previously unseen segments of that celluloid epic called a day.

Mr. Marclay joins such illustrious 100-ers as Chelsea Handler, Anonymous and Mitt Romney. Be sure to check out the entry on Jeremy Lin, which is penned by Secretary of Education and Basketball Arne Duncan. Christian Marclay Is on the Time 100