Christie no “birther”

The continuing flap over the birthplace of President Obama is “ridiculous” and should be put to bed, Gov. Chris Christie said today.

Christie was responding to a question about Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, who earlier this month told the Star Ledger that a new book disputing Obama’s residency raised interesting points and convinced him the issue isn’t going away.  Bucco had attended a talk by author Jerome Corsi that was sponsored by the Morris County Republicans and several Tea Party groups.

Christie said while he can’t control what Bucco or anyone else believes, in his mind the issue was settled long ago.

“I think that the whole question of the President’s birthplace is ridiculous and has been settled by the President,” Christie said.  “He’s released his long form birth certificate and I think that should end the conversation. So for me it’s a non issue.”

Christie said Bucco was free to believe what he believes but like any elected official would have to “stand up and answer the questions as to why he attended the meeting and why he said the things he said.”

“I think the President resolved this issue a long time ago and I think we have much more important issues in our country to be discussing,” he said. Christie no “birther”