Christie on VP talk: ‘I have no intention of leaving’

SOUTH PLAINFIELD – Gov. Chris Christie today used his stock explanation about the idea of being a vice presidential candidate when asked about it by a resident at a packed town hall here.

“I have no intention of leaving,” Christie said at the Police Athletic League building in this northwestern Middlesex County suburb. “I like being here.”

He did say that he would sit and listen about the possibility with Gov. Mitt Romney, leaving little doubt about who he thinks will be the Republican Party’s nominee as the presidential candidate, especially now that Rick Santorum has dropped out of the race.  

Christie then admitted his demeanor may not be suited to the role of No. 2.

“I don’t know if I’m really the typical personality for vice president,” he said to raucous laughter and applause.

He ended, “If you were a betting man, I would bet on me being governor in January 2013.”

Union dues

He described dues being collected by the teachers union as “a slush fund for them to benefit the people (who are) with them and punish the (ones who are not).”

Sports betting

He said he supports the concept of legalized sports betting, which voters will get to vote on.

He said it would be a welcome addition for New Jersey, adding that many people are already doing it, just not legally.

“Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s not like sports betting is not happening. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t do it legally.”

Federal health care

In case there was any doubt, Christie said he is opposed to the federal health care reform, which received applause.

He said the “federal government should not take over the health care system.”

He added that he’s concerned about “ordering people to buy something. It’s the wrong thing for our country.”

He also blasted President Obama’s way of getting the legislation passed.  

“Instead of trying to work together … with Republicans … He ran this through with just Democrats, parliamentary maneuvers, and did not bring consensus together,” he said. “It’s brought a lot of division to our country.”

  Christie on VP talk: ‘I have no intention of leaving’