Christine Quinn Storms Out of Living Wage Rally [Video]

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was a featured speaker at today’s rally celebrating the upcoming vote to pass living wage legislation, but her speech abruptly halted shortly after introducing her fellow colleagues in attendance when a protester yelled out that everybody but “Pharaoh Bloomberg” was at today’s event.

“Now, look,” Ms. Quinn said, turning around and staring silently at the crowd behind her for a good five seconds.

“That’s not appropriate. You stand here talking about democracy and wanting people to listen,” she continued. “In a democracy people have the right to have different views, and they do not — we do not — have the right to then call them names. So I would just ask if that’s what this protest is about, I’ll go right back on inside.”

She proceeded to ask the protester in question to apologize, but upon being greeted with awkward silence from the crowd, decided she wanted to have no further part in the demonstration.

“Congratulations on the bill, I’m not going to participate in any name-calling,” she concluded.

She then walked off.

Watch for yourself below:
Christine Quinn Storms Out of Living Wage Rally [Video]