City Council Candidate Has Funky Dance Moves [Video]

Hill Krishnan bringing the disco funk. (Photo: YouTube)

Hill Krishnan, an adjunct professor at New York University and underdog candidate in the race to succeed Councilwoman Jessica Lappin in her Upper East Side seat, can dance. And, in a 2006 YouTube video entitled “Indian Disco Dancer,” he brings it to the streets of Manhattan.

Dressed in shiny disco-themed clothing, Mr. Krishnan strolls around doing chops and kicks as surprised onlookers gaze on. He eventually switches locations and ends up dancing both in a field and shirtless on the beach.

Mr. Krishnan has since sought to capitalize on his skills, hosting a dance-themed campaign fundraiser yesterday evening.

“My style of dancing is both Indian folk incorporated with hip-hop,” Mr. Krishnan explained in an interview. “When hip-hop dancers see what I do, some of them laugh, because it’s different. But women love it.”

The two big names Mr. Krishnan will need to defeat in the 2013 Democratic primary are attorneys Benjamin Kallos and Nico Minerva. The current occupant of the seat, Ms. Lappin, is expected to run for Manhattan Borough President.

Watch the candidate dance below:

City Council Candidate Has Funky Dance Moves [Video]