Codey to Gov: I got your back

It’s rare that you’ll find state senator and former Gov. Dick Codey jumping to the defense of the governor, but the NY Post has sent Codey to the Gov.’s rescue.

A story in Tuesday’s Post detailing Gov. Chris Christie’s visit to Jerusalem’s ‘Wailing Wall’ drew national attention with its headline, ‘Whale at the wall,’ a not-so-veiled shot at Christie’s weight.  The lead of the story and several paragraphs throughout are scattered with fat jokes like this: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made a huge impression at Israel’s Western Wall yesterday during his first official overseas trip as head of the Garden State.”

Today, Codey took a swipe at the Post, calling out the reporter for the “grammar school innuendos and stupid puns that are splashed throughout the headline and story.”

“The editors of the Post and the writer of that article should be ashamed of themselves,” Codey said in a statement. “The article is insulting not only to the governor but to those who hold those sites sacred.  It is also a slap in the face to journalists who take their work seriously.” 

“He is visiting and paying his respects at one of the holiest places on Earth and I would have hoped that an article covering that moment would have been written with decency.” 


Codey to Gov: I got your back