Cory Booker – the newest Internet hero

TRENTON – Cory Booker’s story of rescuing a woman from her burning home in Newark has gone viral – with the Twittersphere “honoring” the Newark mayor with a hashtag of his own called “#CoryBookerStories.”

Booker, the Twitter-savvy mayor and well-known Democrat, has over 1.1 million followers already, and the latest incident will likely cause his Twitter base to spike even more.

The mayor made headlines in December 2010 when he responded to constituents’ requests through Twitter to help dig the Brick City out of a snowstorm.

While political observers wait for Booker’s next move, his national profile continued to grow on Friday, as users from all over the country told their own #CoryBookerStories – turning the mayor into an Internet sensation and likening him to Chuck Norris (the Internet’s example of a perfect human).

Here’s some of the highlights of #CoryBookerStories:

–          @MilesGrant – When Chuck Norris has nightmares, Cory Booker turns on the light and sits with him until he falls back asleep. #CoryBookerStories

–          @JimGeraghty – Billy Joel didn’t start the fire. But Cory Booker put it out. #CoryBookerStories

–          @ChloeAngyal – Superheroes dress up as Cory Booker on Halloween #CoryBookerStories

–          @JesseLTaylor – Seal Team 6 received training from Cory Booker before getting bin Laden. #CoryBookerStories

–          @MartinHajovsky – Booker would have stopped that fire from even starting, but, hey, sometimes u gotta sabotage a N. Korean missile launch. #CoryBookerStories

–          @JesseLTaylor – Die Hard was initially entitled “Cory Booker’s Thursday”. #CoryBookerStories

But for a sense of how the community in Newark felt about the media presence and worldwide attention, NJTV’s David Cruz chimed in:

–          @CruzNJTV – #CoryBookerStories – Hawthorne Ave. awash in media for the latest @CoryBooker heroics. Neighbors mixed. Love the hero. Hate the hype.

The Star-Ledger reported that the woman who Booker rescued is in serious condition at the Burn Intensive Care Unit at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, but the woman’s mother was quoted as saying her daughter will “be well.”

Cory Booker – the newest Internet hero