DC-37 Seems Likely to Go With Lancman

Rory Lancman (Photo: Facebook)

The three main Democratic candidates for an open congressional seat in northeastern Queens, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, and Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, interviewed in front of a panel at District Council 37 last night, which voted overwhelmingly to recommend the union ultimately endorse Mr. Lancman.

Apparently one of the issues at hand, three sources told The Politicker, was confusion about whether Ms. Meng voted for or against Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Tier VI proposal, opposed by public employee unions.

Ms. Meng ultimately voted against it, but, as her campaign explained it this evening, there was a procedural moment in the debate where she indicated she was going to vote in favor of the legislation. Video* of the proceeding indeed shows the total being announced with 45 nays while the official tally has 46.

(Mr. Lancman voted against it, while Ms. Crowley, serving in a totally different legislative body, obviously couldn’t vote one way or the other.)

Although the panel recommended Mr. Lancman, the union’s actual endorsement is still up in the air and will be decided by the group’s executive committee. DC37’s communications director, Zita Allen, told The Politicker there should be a decision announced by the end of the month.

While DC37 isn’t one of the most politically active forces, it’s notable because of its sheer size — over 175,000 current members and retirees. If Mr. Lancman scores it, it’ll be another labor feather in his cap, as he’s already gathered the backing of forces like Working Families Party and the RWDSU.


*The total is announced 2:14:57 into the video DC-37 Seems Likely to Go With Lancman