Dogs Against Romney Asks: ‘Should We Have a President Who Isn’t Even Qualified To Adopt a Pet?’

Dogs Against Romney poster (Photo: Dogs Against Romney)

Dogs Against Romney, the stealth PAC backed canine-inspired protesters hounding Mitt Romney for once strapping his dog to the roof of his car, unleashed their newest salvo at the presumed Republican nominee this morning with a web video highlighting Mr. Romney’s presence in databases of animal users.

“Abusing animals has consequences–consequences not even Mitt Romney can avoid. In the wake of his campaign’s 2007 revelation of the ‘dog-on-roof story,’ Mitt Romney’s name was listed by two national animal cruelty registries used to track animal abuse offenders,” the Dogs Against Romney statement announcing the video said. “Both registries are maintained so that animal welfare organizations, Humane Law Enforcement officials, animal shelters, rescue operations, and breeders can share information about animal abuse offenders and conduct background checks before allowing people to adopt or purchase a pet.”

The databases referred to in the Dogs Against Romney video are and, two sites that catalogue alleged incidents of animal cruelty from court records and press coverage. Neither or is affiliated with any official agency, but both sites listed Mr. Romney for the 1983 incident where he put his dog in a crate on the roof of his family car.

In their video, Dogs Against Romney, which exists solely to highlight the “crate gate” scandal, cited recent polling that found 68 percent of voters believe Mr. Romney’s actions were “inhumane.” The video, which is entitled “Registered Pet Offender,” ends with the question, “Should we have a president who isn’t even qualified to adopt a pet?”

For his part, Mr. Romney and his wife, Ann, have maintained their dog, Seamus, “loved” his rooftop rides. Though The Politicker has uncovered new evidence the dog in question may have run away after the 1983 trip, Ann Romney claims it went on to live to “a ripe old age” with Mr. Romney’s older sister in California.

Watch the “Registered Pet Offender” video below.

Dogs Against Romney Asks: ‘Should We Have a President Who Isn’t Even Qualified To Adopt a Pet?’