Eleven Rivington Nabs Second L.E.S. Location

Michael DeLucia will inaugurate the new space with a two-venue show

(Courtesy Eleven Rivington)

Art in America reports today that Lower East Side gallery Eleven Rivington will take over some extra space at 195 Chrystie Street at the end of the month, just around the corner from its current location. The new space measures 1,200 square feet and put the gallery just next door to Lehmann Maupin’s L.E.S. space.

From AiA:

“We already had storage space in the building,” director and partner Augusto Arbizo told A.i.A. Friday afternoon while viewing the new space. The dealer had just returned from a preview of the Dallas Art Fair, and would soon be on his way to Art Brussels. “And when the storefront became available, the landlord walked in our door and asked if we wanted to expand.”

Michael DeLucia will have a show that stretches across both space from April 29 to June 2.

Eleven Rivington, the Lower East Side space operated by Midtown’s Greenberg Van Doren gallery, opened at its 650-square-foot space in 2007.

Eleven Rivington Nabs Second L.E.S. Location